Mahmood Ali

This is my virtual home in the Internet.  It's a bit lame at this point, but I hope to populate it more whenever I have free time.

I am a Masters Student in Computer Science.  I've been working on the most fascinating projects in the last few years with my advisor, Michael Ernst.  While I am not working for him, I do a bit of reading (Ask me about the Kindle!) and coding on the side.  I also contribute to StackOverflow.  Grr... Need to work on my reputation a bit more.


  • StackOverflow is a website featuring questions and answers on a wide range of topics in computer programming.

Open Source Software

  • Checker Framework (My Masters Work):  A framework for building static analysis tools for Java that plug-in to the Java compiler.  We distribute few tools to detect for nullness, immutability, internationalization and many other bugs.
  • Java-APNS: is a Java client for Apple's Push Notification Service (APNS). The library aims to provide a highly scalable interface to the Apple server, while still being simple and modular.
  • Guidance: is a Mac OS X app maintained by Ameir Al-Zoubi.  I have contributed to the project for a bit.  It's feature complete at this point, so we appreciate more input.