Open JDK 7

Finally, the OpenJDK has been liberated and now it can target Mac OS X!  We don't need to wait years for Apple to release their own modified JDK anymore!  Well, if you don't care about Swing using Cocoa that is.  Otherwise, too bad.  The BSD Porting group has word hard (Thanks Landon Fuller!), to port the JDK in its entirety.  Yet, no binary release of the JDK is made.

Here, I'm going to host binary snapshot of the OpenJDK 7 releases targeting Mac OS X i586.  I have compiled it with my iMac Core 2 Duo machine running Mac OS X 10.6.  I have no idea how portable it is.  Please email me if doesn't work.

Needless to say, by downloading and running the open jdk, you agree to OpenJDK license (cannot find the link now).

The files:
  Snapshot b78 (17 December 2009):